Colorado Association of School Boards
Las Animas School District Re-1

1021 2nd Street
Las Animas, Colorado 81054

Superintendent: Jerry Nickell

Elementary Principal: Lana Gardner
Secondary Principal: Elsie Goines
Jump Start Director: Laura LaBarge
Finance Director: Mary Beauchamp
District Office Administrative Assistant: Jamie Stavely
Board President: Robert Bucholz
Board Vice President: Robert Sonny Smith
Board Secretary: Maria Medina
Board Treasurer: Simona Gallegos
Board Member: William Deal
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Online Policy for Las Animas School District Re-1

DISCLAIMER: This policy manual is copyrighted to the Las Animas School District Re-1. No portion of this manual may be used for commercial purposes. The manual is intended for the sole purpose of governing the school district. The manual was complete and current at the time it was placed on this site and contains the most up-to-date information available. However, the Board of Education will continue to make changes based on the school district's needs and local, state and federal laws, regulations and court decisions.

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